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Meg Rosenburg

24 October 2014
Marie Tharp mapped the ocean floor / Inge Lehman found the Inner Core / Why had we never heard their names before? / Thank you Meg Rosenburg, please bring us more! [with apologies to poets everywhere]... read more »

Roberto Rozzi

24 October 2014
Thank you Roberto Rozzi, for bringing us your personal heroes: Maria Rita Palombo and Elisabeth Vrba. From evolution on islands to what bovids can tell us about human evolution, these trowelblazers a... read more »
In 1964 an interesting an intriguing discovery was made at an ancient chapel in Chinon dedicated to St Radegonde. The story goes that a piece of plaster fell off the wall and revealed a mural of five... read more »
The Essence of Woman(continuing Zenobia's review of Barbara Olsen's Women in Mycenaean Greece.  Part I click here) The Linear B tablets found in the palaces at Pylos on the Greek mainland and Kno... read more »
By Lauren MacIvor Thompson If you haven't heard of Claire Wyckoff, the San Francisco woman who copywrites by day for a global advertising firm and in her spare time maps runs that look like penises (... read more »
George Washington died at Mount Vernon on December 14, 1799. John Adams was president and Abigail was first lady. Philadelphia was still the capital of the United States, with the city of Washington t... read more »
Who was the better cook? The woman who believed in voting? Or the woman who opposed the idea? This may sound outlandish to us today, but the thought wasn’t so peculiar back when the “suffs... read more »
First Ladies are unofficial but important members of presidential administrations. For more than 200 years we have judged their clothes, their parties, their projects, and their roles in the White Hou... read more »
By Whitney Strub Sometimes the queer stars align right when it’s needed most. Philadelphia has spent the past few decades effectively cultivating an LGBT-friendly reputation, as witnessed in last ye... read more »
By Christine A. Jones (Regular Contributor) Chic girl pirate Anne Bonny Fairy tales are how we imagine the unimaginable. Beans can be magic and grow to the heavens. Frightening beasts turn out to be g... read more »

Armory Square Hospital

22 October 2014
Union Military Hospital in Washington, DC Armory Square Hospital had twelve pavilions and overflow tents containing one thousand hospital beds filled with wounded from the battlefields of Virginia. Th... read more »
I’ve just read (via twitter link from two female academics, Alice Bell and Lisa Jardine), this delightful Guardian article, titled ‘Why do academics dress so badly? Answer: they are too... read more »

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