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Happy Trowel-oween!

31 October 2014
Forget sexy witches, or even — heaven forfend — sexy archaeologists, this Halloween channel your favourite #trowelblazer to win hands-down at dressing-up! Here’s our top 10:  ... read more »
Scary stuff! Friends, it’s a never-ending round of seminars, walks through the garden, curator-led tours of both the Huntington and the Getty Museums, and lunch and dinner invitations that I hav... read more »
Suffrage centennials are getting a lot of play these days. There’s special programming on WAMC Albany, NY today about the upcoming election called “Susan B. Anthony Voted. Did you?”... read more »
A request on behalf of Ruth Blair: If you know of any books or articles on attitudes towards twins or multiple births, how their birth was perceived by the parents and the surrounding community, prior... read more »
By: Hilary McGraw, NWHM intern Witch costumes are one of the more commonplace and easily recognizable ensembles worn and seen this time of year. Indeed, a black hat and a broom are symbols to somethi... read more »
By Austin McCoy Two weeks ago, hundreds of young whites clashed with riot police in Keene, NH, during the city's annual Pumpkin Festival. The details regarding the riot's spark are not clear. Witness... read more »

“Nabby” Adams’ Ordeal

30 October 2014
In Recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this post recounts the experience of Abigail Adams Smith with breast cancer. Nabby, as she was called (featured in the last post), developed a tumor in... read more »

A Queen’s Anger

30 October 2014
By Elizabeth A. Lehfeldt (Guest Contributor) In the summer of 1474 (only a few months after the acclamation ceremony I described in my earlier post), King Fernando met with miserable failure on the b... read more »
Into this month’s Cabinet of Curiosities, I want to put my chair (of uncertain date but most likley Elizabethan) because it is a curiosity in itself with a past steeped in mystery.When I was a littl... read more »

Write for Nursing Clio!

29 October 2014
The editors of Nursing Clio (www.nursingclio.org) welcome applications for new regular and guest bloggers for the site. The editors are especially looking for authors who write about the experiences o... read more »

Women of Antietam

29 October 2014
Female Soldiers and Nurses at Antietam Fought on September 17, 1862, the Battle of Antietam was the first battle to occur on northern soil, and it is the bloodiest single-day battle in American histor... read more »

Margaret Benson

29 October 2014
When Margaret Benson (1865-1916) first travelled to Egypt in 1894 it was to recover from various ailments not trowelblaze, but trowelblaze she did. Enchanted by Egypt and its history, she was already... read more »

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