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The Anti-Suffrage Movement: Suffrage Wagon Cafe features a video and a book about those who didn’t want women to vote on Vimeo. Follow Suffrage Wagon News Channel on Facebook and Twitter. Qua... read more »

Sarah Jane Woodson Early

30 March 2015
Pioneer in Education for African American WomenSarah Jane Woodson Early was an African American educator, author and feminist. For 30 years Early was a teacher and school principal in Ohio, and in the... read more »
With your host, Marguerite Kearns. I’m back on this second day of the women’s history festival celebrating the opening of the Suffrage Wagon Cafe. This four-day festival started with my... read more »
A month ago I quoted the longest passage in Peter Oliver’s Origin and Progress of the American Rebellion on “Mr. Otis’s black Regiment,” the politicized Congregationalist clergy of Boston. Oli... read more »

Sunday Morning Medicine

29 March 2015
By Jacqueline Antonovich -The vaccine court. -Where apartheid statues go to die. -Artificial wombs in 1920s literature. -10 queer women who changed history. -5 of history's most boring board ga... read more »
Not just skin deep, and sometimes to die for. Dressing the Indian woman through history (BBC News Magazine) When Argentinian women wore hair combs four feet wide (The History Blog) Dyeing to Impress:... read more »
The Salon de Paris was the official annual exhibition of the Académie des beaux-arts in Paris. Sponsored by the government (until 1881) and judged by academicians, it was the place to be recognized a... read more »
Photo credit: David Gwinnutt.A while ago my friend Patrick Gale, who I met at a reading a million years ago, when I was a tiny newbie and he was a glamorous experienced well-known writer, mentioned an... read more »

Deliciously Criminal

28 March 2015
This term I’m teaching a new history of crime and punishment course. It’s inspired all sorts of fun forays into the Old Bailey Online database, particularly as I’ve shown students ho... read more »
A welcome from your Suffrage Wagon Cafe host, Marguerite Kearns. Marguerite Kearns’ welcome message for Suffrage Wagon Cafe’s opening, the go-to place for women’s suffrage programs... read more »
Women, politics, protests and rights movements. "There was a great argument yesterday on female excellence": Gender and the Newest Political history (The Junto) Force-feeding suffragettes: Violation... read more »

Mary Harrod Northend

28 March 2015
I’m not bound to such designations, but as we’re almost running out of Women’s History Month and our mayor has declared March 29 Salem Women’s History Day I’ve decided to... read more »

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