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Armory Square Hospital

22 October 2014
Union Military Hospital in Washington, DC Armory Square Hospital had twelve pavilions and overflow tents containing one thousand hospital beds filled with wounded from the battlefields of Virginia. Th... read more »
I’ve just read (via twitter link from two female academics, Alice Bell and Lisa Jardine), this delightful Guardian article, titled ‘Why do academics dress so badly? Answer: they are too... read more »
Today I have a puzzle for the HGs. I was recently asked to interview the curator of a new show at the Museum of Islamic Art here in Doha. 'The Tiger's Dream: Tipu Sultan' explores the life of the sout... read more »
Burton Agnes Hall It is not easy to say offhand which is the most famous of all the haunted houses of the kingdom, if one regards them strictly from the point of view of their reputation for ghostline... read more »
By Jacqueline Antonovich A wise woman once remarked, “We are living in a material world and I am a material girl.” And while this ode to consumption may have been referring to the procurement and... read more »
By Katherine Harvey In the late twelfth century Gerald of Wales, archdeacon of Brecon and a prolific author, wrote a tract on the proper conduct of the clergy. Gerald was writing only a few decades af... read more »

Free joke of the day

21 October 2014
Hi-larious Benjamin Hart mansplains why mansplaining must be retired as a word in the English language. Apparently, some people misunderstand or misuse the term, so none of us can use it ever again. read more »
I have a thing about medieval wall paintings. That probably wont come as a great surprise to you. I also have a thing about the medieval marginalia as regularly tweeted by Medieval Manuscripts an... read more »

Berlin – Part Two

20 October 2014
We woke up bright and early on our second morning in Berlin and after some deliberation decided to head off to Museum Island to partake in some CULTURE. After eyeing the queue to get into the Pergamon... read more »
Breaking my own guidelines for this blog, which usually consists of the writings of women from the years 1765 to 1799, today’s post includes some lines written by John Quincy Adams after reading... read more »

Anne Lister (1791-1840)

20 October 2014
by Helena Whitbread ‘I love, & only love, the fairer sex and thus, beloved by them in turn, my heart revolts from any other love than theirs.’ Anne Lister. 29.1.1821 Anne Lister has found... read more »
Agostino Veneziano (fl. 1509–1536), The Witches’ Rout (The Carcass). Engraving, c. 1520. Exhibition Poster for ‘Witches and Wicked Bodies’ at the British Museum This weekend I went to... read more »

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