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Interview by Gillian Frank In keeping with Notches’ commitment to fostering a public and widespread discussion of the history of sexuality within and outside of the academy, we are introducing... read more »
I have sealag, or jetlegs, or both, or vice versa . . .  I have been sailing, far away, and I am swaying mildly at my desk as I write this. Forgive me if it comes out jumbled. My arms ache and th... read more »
The real-life War Horse: Incredible story of stallion nicknamed ‘The Sikh’ who WALKED back to Britain from Russia after spending years delivering supplies to troops The incredible story was uneart... read more »
After five weeks at sea, Polly Jefferson and Sally Hemings (see previous post) arrived in London. Thomas Jefferson was not on hand to greet them, having sent Adrien Petit in his place with orders to b... read more »

Murderous Mother Midnight

26 January 2015
The Perceptions of Pregnancy blog, like the Researchers’ Network, aims to reach beyond boundaries and borders, and to facilitate an international and interdisciplinary conversation on pregnancy an... read more »
I am writing this ahead of my regular blog date because I will be away on a work commitment and possibly without internet. Much could happen between today and the 26th... However... This month of Janu... read more »

Sunday Morning Medicine

25 January 2015
By Jacqueline Antonovich -CSI: Alexander. -How ebola research has faltered. -Remembering Soviet space dogs. -When 18th-century doctors fight. -Bestiality in the time of smallpox. -The cost of... read more »

Forthcoming talk

25 January 2015
Compared to this time last year, when I seemed to be on an endless treadmill of giving talks on a wide variety of topics in different venues, I don't have much on my dance-card at the moment. However,... read more »
One of the joys of the Internet is how quickly we can now answer questions that we would once have parked in the back of our minds - even when all the libraries are closed.  Here’s a chain of d... read more »
The Suffrage Wagon Cafe will open soon and feature hot tea during January, Hot Tea Month. Did you know that suffragist Alice Paul ran a teahouse, The Grated Door,” in Washington, DC? The story. read more »
Please see the corrected version of the previous post on Martha Jefferson Randolph, another post about her here and, since the subject has come up, further information on the Hemings. Thomas Jefferso... read more »
sun prism at Pembroke Castle, I use many research methods to weave the braid of my history stories.  I use primary sources in Latin and Old French (in translation when I can get them). I use... read more »

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