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photo: German Federal Archive Here are Hitler's Storm Troopers, marching triumphantly after he was made Chancellor of Germany on the 30th January, 1933. That evening, the young man who became the dist... read more »

Bella Chapin Barrows

22 May 2015
First Woman Eye Surgeon and Prison Reform Activist Image: Dr. Bella Chapin Barrows Credit: Hartland Historical Society Artist unknown Dr. Bella Chapin Barrows accomplished many firsts in her 68 years... read more »

Linlithgow Palace

22 May 2015
Of all the places that I visited during my recent research trip to Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace was perhaps the biggest surprise. I went along one rainy morning expecting to find a completely empty sh... read more »
I serve as the editor for these projects! We invite submissions of scholarly articles employing digital humanities techniques with WASM primary sources and will review such submissions in our double-b... read more »
How do you teach the history of sexuality in an academic environment that is increasingly defined by digital processes and ways of interacting? NOTCHES: (re)marks on the history of sexuality invites s... read more »
I’ve had this book for a while now and I even own a second book by this author, Four Queens, the Provencal Sister who ruled Europe. This book was originally released in 2010, so I... read more »
And, in the spiced Indian air, by night, Full often hath she gossip'd by my side, And sat with me on Neptune's yellow sands, Marking the embarked traders on the flood, When we have laugh'd to see the... read more »
Hello Nursing Clio readers, Big things are happening! Our official relaunch date is set for Friday, May 29th and we could not be more excited about the interesting, fun, and thought-provoking con... read more »
Almost unbelievably, TrowelBlazers is now a whole two years old- crazy as we still feel sort of like ‘newbies’, yet at the same time we’ve done so much, and it feels like we’ve... read more »
Last week I visited two small exhibitions – both centring on the theme of ‘Campaigning’. The first was a temporary exhibition (alas, it ends tomorrow, Friday 22 May, so hurry to catc... read more »
Charity Clarke (1747-1838) was the daughter of Thomas Clarke and Mary Stillwell of New York City. See posts herehref> and herehref>. Her father was a retired major in the British army who had se... read more »
By Caroline Lawrence (Guest Contributor) While researching my second Western Mystery for kids, P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man (AKA The Case of the Good-looking Corpse), I discovered a fascinatin... read more »

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