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By Rachel Louise Moran In late-November, the FDA finalized new rules for calorie counts on menus. In about a year, all food establishments with over twenty locations will need to post the calories... read more »
Elizabeth Sandwith Drinker kept a diary from 1758 until a day before her death in 1807. Her entries provide intimate glimpses of life during the heady period of the Revolution and the establishment of... read more »
Happy holidays from the Kearns family! on Vimeo. Edna, Wilmer and Serena Kearns were all involved in the suffrage movement and oh, what a time it was! THE 2014 HOLIDAY CARD VIDEO from the Kearns famil... read more »
By Claire Hayward On Saturday 6 December, historians, archivists and activists joined together at London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) to discuss ‘Lines of Dissent’. The 12th LGBTQ History and Arc... read more »
Perhaps you don't tend to think of Arthur as a voyager? Let me explain.Some of the earliest mentions of Arthur come from ninth or tenth century Welsh literature – just glancing references, as if to... read more »

Lucretia Crocker

17 December 2014
Pioneer Educator and Innovative Administrator As the first woman appointed to the Board of Supervisors of the Boston Public School System (1876), Lucretia Crocker pioneered the method of teaching math... read more »
Just over a week ago, at a secret venue close by the Globe in London, the History Girls had a Famous High Tea. The setting was beautiful, the cakes delicious and the company delightfully chatty. ... read more »
It's interesting to look, as I did at my last post, at the plot structure of typical episodes of a TV show as derived through topic models. But while it may help in understanding individual TV sh... read more »
By Cheryl Lemus As I write this blog post, I am recovering from an intense Thanksgiving weekend. Over the course of four days, I cooked, attended a Doctor Who convention, put up the rest of our Chr... read more »
Bookmark advertising Ivelcon beef and vegetable food beverage. Yeovill: Aplin & Barrett, ca. 1890s. Wellcome Images reference: L0030513. Whether its celebrity spotting in perfume campaigns or the... read more »
Note: Spoilers for seasons one and two of Masters of Sex are below. By Donna J. Drucker The Showtime television program Masters of Sex focuses on the real-life American sex researchers William H. Mas... read more »
By Elizabeth C. Goldsmith (Regular Contributor) The age of tourism started in Europe in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when improved roads, communications systems, and comfortable carriages... read more »

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